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EI Match Predictions for the English Premier League

Here we go again!

Last Week was another success for the EI, with seven out of the ten predicted favourites winning their matches. It is still a bit early to be drawing too many conclusions but so far that is 14 out of 19 for the EI, which seems a pretty good start to me!

Jonas commented on my recent post discussing the difficulties of assessing probability-based models to suggest trying Ranked Probability Scores which looks like a really good idea so look out for that once I have a bit more data to play with.

It is only a small gameweek this week due to the FA cup but here are the predictions anyway.

Home Team Away Team Home (%) Draw (%) Away (%)
Norwich Southampton 48 24 28
QPR Sunderland 36 27 37
Reading Aston Villa 42 26 32
West Brom Swansea 46 25 29
Newcastle Stoke 49 24 27
Liverpool Tottenham 38 27 35


Chris Pope - March 8, 2013

I am only a curious amateur stat freak , but love how close this weeks predictions are. Love the blog and am telling everyone about it.

Martin Eastwood - March 9, 2013

Thanks Chris :)

It is a really tough week to predict so I expect the accuracy of the EI to drop a bit but over enough data it should all cancel itself out as will be some easier weeks too.

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