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EI Match Probabilities for the English Premier League

It’s been a busy day but I’ve finally got the probabilities for this weekend’s matches completed.

There are some pretty close games, with QPR Vs Stoke, Tottenham Vs Man City and Liverpool Vs Chelsea all looking like potential draws. Plus you could maybe throw Sunderland Vs Everton and even West Ham Vs Wigan into that group too.

The only clear favourties are Manchester United and Norwich so it’s going to be a tricky week to call.

Home Team Away Team Home(%) Draw (%) Away (%)
Fulham Arsenal 26 32 42
Norwich Reading 53 27 20
QPR Stoke 37 32 31
Sunderland Everton 28 33 39
Swansea Southampton 49 29 22
West Brom Newcastle 45 30 25
West Ham Wigan 41 31 28
Tottenham Man City 31 33 36
Liverpool Chelsea 36 32 32
Man United Aston Villa 79 12 9


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