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Mathematically Optimising Your Fantasy Football Team: Update


At the start of this season I showed how to use linear programming to mathematically optimise your fantasy football team in order to get as many points as possible for your transfer budget.

The winter transfer window is now well under way, meaning we all get a bonus wildcard to play in the Premier League's Fantasy Football that gives unlimited transfers for a week. Since I've been inundated* with requests over the past few days for an update here is the 'best' squad you can currently buy for your £100 million.

The Optimised Squad

Position Team Points Name Cost(£)
Goalkeeper Man Utd 89 de Gea 5.80
Goalkeeper Swansea 80 Fabianski 5.20
Defender Chelsea 108 Terry 6.70
Defender Southampton 103 Bertrand 5.80
Defender Southampton 94 Clyne 5.80
Defender Everton 93 Baines 7.10
Defender Southampton 89 Fonte 5.60
Midfielder Arsenal 144 Sánchez 11.50
Midfielder West Ham 116 Downing 6.60
Midfielder Spurs 111 Eriksen 8.20
Midfielder Swansea 104 Sigurdsson 6.70
Midfielder Spurs 102 Chadli 6.60
Forward QPR 109 Austin 6.50
Forward Spurs 90 Kane 5.90
Forward West Brom 88 Berahino 5.50

*I had four requests, watch out readers this blog's going big time :-)


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